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Ultimate guide to Automatization for noobs.

Download 50ms AutoHotkey Autoclicker.

Are you bored repeatedly doing the same work? Have you ever wondered about automating it? Is it even possible to do? Nowadays, modern solutions allow for easy and quick automation of dull and lengthy jobs. There are various tools for automating actions such as filling forms, clicking a mouse, clicking buttons, copying, pasting. There are two popular and free tools for task automation. 

Name Programming language Difficulty level
AutoHotkey AutoHotkey (it has own scripting language) Basic
Selenium Python Advanced

Today I will focus on AutoHotkey because it is easier to use and less complicated than Selenium. Honestly, Selenium is more efficient, and it has more possibilities, but for the needs of this tutorial, I will talk about Selenium in the future. Furthermore, it requires good knowledge about coding, so if you are a noob, I would recommend you to learn Python first. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be an expert in coding. Many available tutorials on YouTube or Google will teach you how to write automatization scripts from scratch.

The differences between Selenium and AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is a scripting language widely used to create simple scripts for automation on Windows. Selenium is a python library used usually for automating complex operations in the browser.

AutoHotkey overview

First of all, AutoHotkey is a very basic tool. More precisely, it is a programming language. This programming language was designed to help to automatize very basic tasks such as launching programs, clicking a mouse, filling information in forms, creating key shortcuts. It can also send HTTP requests and retrieve the response (simply, it means that it can download the content of websites). 

Usage in practice:

  1. Many players use it to create auto clickers in computer games (I do not recommend to play computer games, because it is a waste of time)
  2. My friend had to take a class online. He already knew all the materials, so he wanted to complete tests and quizzes as soon as possible. Unfortunately, to take any test, he had to read the whole chapter, then after a certain amount of time, he was allowed to click the “next” button. He did not want to waste his time, so he wrote a script in AutoHotkey to automatically skip reading in ALL chapters. After a few hours, every assignment was unlocked.

For a more detailed comparison, below are some advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of AutoHotkey


  1. Simple syntax
  2. Low learning curve
  3. Simple compilation process


  1. Few possibilities
  2. Does not work in the background
  3. Code maintainability
  4. Bad programming patterns
  5. Lack of reliable documentation and information sources
  6. Works only on Windows

Summarizing, I can say that AutoHotkey is a great choice for you if you don’t know how to code and want to automate very simple tasks. If you are a programmer, I recommend Selenium over AutoHotkey.

How to code an auto clicker in AutoHotkey

  1. Optional: Download and install Visual Studio Code.
  2. Download and install AutoHotkey.
  3. Create a text file on your desktop.
  4. Use your favorite code editor and paste this code:
        While GetKeyState("Q") {
            Sleep 50 ;
  5. Save the file as clicker.ahk.
  6. Open the AutoHotkey compiler at C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\Compiler\Ahk2Exe.exe.
  7. Select the clicker.ahk file, then click the “Convert” button.
  8. Find the clicker.exe file, then open it.

Now, when you press “Q” on your keyboard, your clicker should click every 50ms. You will close your auto clicker if you click “Escape”. You can try it out here