My IP address is:
IP address:
ISP: Amazon Technologies Inc.
DNS server:
Country: United States
Region: Virginia
City: Ashburn
Zip code: 20149
Country code: US
Continent: North America
Latitude: 39.0438
Longitude: -77.4874

What is my IP address?

Check your real IP address and other data about you! Our IP lookup will find and show your real public IP address. We reveal not only your IP address but also other metadata that are implied in your browser and device. Your results will appear immediately after you opened this website.

What is an IP address?

An Internet Protocol address, commonly referred to as “IP address” is a unique number assigned to every device that is connected to the Internet. It identifies you among other users of the Internet, and it let other devices (ex. servers, websites) know where to send a response when you send a request. We can compare an IP address to a phone number. When you call your friend from your cell phone, your friend’s cell phone will identify you by your phone number, so your friend will know that you are calling him, not someone else.

What is Internet Protocol?

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the essential quintessence used for communication and transmitting information across networks. IP can be also referred to as TCP/IP. The main job of the IP is to present the data datagrams (packages) from the reference server to the destination host solely based on their addresses. 

What are some of the differences between IPv4 and IPv6?

Although IPv4 and IPv6 differ from each other, they are two other versions of the Internet Protocol. Most devices have still assigned the older version of the Internet Protocol, IPv6, but with every day IPv6 is becoming more popular. Most recent data shows that about 25% of devices connected to the Internet use IPv6. The other 85% of devices still use IPv4. 

What is IPv4?

IPv4, Internet Protocol version 4, is the fourth version of IP (Internet Protocol) and it is made up of the network identifier, the most important part, and the host identifier which is the rest of the address. Generally, IPv4 is a little slower than IPv6.

What is IPv6?

IPv6, the sixth IP version, authenticate and authorize each device connected to the Internet. It is the newest version of the Internet protocol, but in fact, this is just an improved version of the Internet protocol. According to the recent benchmarks, the sixth version of the Internet protocol seems to be a little faster than its previous version (IPv4).

What are browser headers and metadata?

Beyond the IP address, there is more metadata implied in your browser. Some metadata is always available for a website that you are visiting. This data is not very sensitive, but you can be tracked if someone knows how to use your browser metadata. Information such as a version of browser, operating system, request method, referral, cookies, language, caching control, server port, protocol are not the only metadata in your browser.

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